Sharrow Lantern Carnival costs £3000 to run each year and soley relies on volunteers. Help us keep the carnival going by donating £10 here

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Join us!

Help us run an amazing community carnival

We are looking for dedicated, enthusiastic people to get involved in the running of the carnival. 

You could join one (or more) volunteer teams:

*  Social Media Team

*  Workshop Delivery Team

*  Carnival Day Team

*  Fundraising Team

Help at a


Show people how to make amazing lanterns

Show people how to make amazing lanterns

Help families make lanterns

It's always fun, and usually sticky!

Workshop Delivery Team

During February and March we put on public lantern making workshops. We need volunteers to run these.

You don't need experience in making lanterns! It's easy, we will teach you at a training session.


The main role is to encourage others to be creative.

You do need to be confident in talking to strangers, friendly and welcoming, also a bit arty and crafty.


All children are accompanied by adults so you will not be responsible for anyone.

You don’t need to commit to helping at all the workshops, but we’d like you to tell us if you are available or not, so we can plan.

Weekend workshops are on Saturdays and Sundays, from 1-5pm.

Evening workshops are on Tuesdays 5-8pm.

You’ll need to arrive a little earlier for setting up and leave a little later for tiding up.


If you are interested please email us

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Be a Steward on the Parade

Stewards make the Carnival safe for everyone

Carnival Day Team

Steward Role (5.30pm onwards) Sunday 5th April

The Lantern Carnival begins at Mount Pleasant Park, where the crowd gathers. Then there is a parade through the streets of Sharrow to the Cemetery Park where there is live music and fire dancers. There is usually over two thousand people present. It’s a family and children focused event.

Stewards are needed to make sure everyone feels welcome and stays safe.

Stewards work together in pairs, circulating within the crowd, and walking alongside the parade.

Stewards answer questions from the public, and make the event feels organised and safe.

Stewards need to be super friendly, happy to talk to strangers.

Experience is not needed. We will have a Stewards Briefing before the event to explain procedures such as lost children and first aid. The Police will be with us, and most issues will be referred to them.

At the end of the parade Stewards will continue to circulate within the crowd during the live music, making sure people are safe and picking litter.

We are looking for particularly enthusiastic and vocal volunteers to collect donations during the lantern carnival parade and at the celebration in the park. You will have a money collection bucket and will be responsible for encouraging people in the crowd to donate to help cover the costs of running the free lantern-making workshops.


Please meet at The Old Junior School, South View Road, S7 1DB at 5.30pm

  • 5.30pm - Stewards Briefing, plus snacks, (and face painting if you fancy it)

  • 6.30pm - Walk to Mount Pleasant. 2 stewards will go to the general cemetery to light candles before the carnival arrives

  • 7.30pm - Keeping people safe as we set off on the route to the General Cemetery

  • 9pm - Arrive at the General Cemetery

  • 9pm - 10.30pm keeping people safe and litter picking

  • 10.30 - 11.30pm clearing up the cemetery and taking lanterns back to the Old Junior School.

Let us know if you have a first-aid qualification (not essential but we need 4 people who have one).

Uniform:We will provide high vis jackets. Please wear warm clothes, suitable for cold and potentially wet weather. If you are staying for the clear up after the carnival please bring gloves as we will be litter picking.​ If you'd like to be a steward, please email us

Decorate the Cemetery

Prepare for the arrival of the Parade!

Carnival Day Team

Event Set-up Role (4-6pm) Sunday 5th April
The Carnival ends at the wonderfully atmospheric General Cemetery Park, just off Cemetery Rd. There will food, drink, music and fire dancers. 

We would appreciate the help of anyone who is free between 4-6pm to:


  • Prepare collection buckets, sandbags, lights, bin bags etc

  • Decorate the cemetery.

  • Please meet at The Old Junior School, South View Road, S7 1DB at 4pm


Uniform:We will provide high vis jackets. Please wear warm clothes, suitable for cold and potentially wet weather. If you are staying for the clear up after the carnival please bring gloves as we will be litter picking. If you want to know more please email us:

Put on Fundraising Events

Would you like to put on a speicla event in order to rise funds for the Carnival? Or are you already running an event that could make a donation to the carnival?

We are open to all ideas, so please get in touch- we need to raise £3000 per year.

Help tell everyone about the Carnival

Social Media and Promotions Team

​We need volunteers who are good with words and images and confident in speaking with people, in order to promote the event itself and recruit other volunteers.  

  • Social Media

  • Photography

  • Press Releases

  • Film Making

  • Newsletter

  • Networking

We need people that have around 1 hour a week to support us on various marketing platforms to publicise and shout about the workshops, volunteer opportunities and the day itself. 




Make sure we've got everything we need

Workshop Delivery Team

Materials Coordinator Role 
The person needs to be able to use the internet, be available to come to the store, check in and tidy when needed. Keep budgets and look for bargains!

  • This role involves looking at the store and collating what we have and what we need. 

  • Ordering all the materials in using our credit card- delivered to the Old Junior School

  • Recording spend and where materials were bought from on the budget.

  • Keeping on budget and updating spend and places you bought from

  • Keeping the store well resourced- checking in with the lead volunteers to buying in materials accordingly throughout Jan- April.

  • Total of around 6- 8 hours.

If you'd like to help us, please us email: