what to expect on
Carnival Day

If you want to join the Carnival from the start, maybe with a lantern, everyone starts gathering at Mount Pleasant Park after 7pm.

The Carnival procession starts at 7.30pm.

We arrive at the General Cemetery Park at 8.30pm.

The music and dancing continues.

If you want to collect a lantern you've left at the Old Junior School, you can collect it there between 6 and 7pm, then walk to Mount Pleasant Park.

Paper/glue/willow/paint will not be available, but we will have some gaffer tape for emergency lantern repair.

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Volunteer on Carnival Day

If you want to volunteer on the day, below are the roles:


Volunteer Roles on Carnival Day 

Setting up the Cemetery  4 – 6pm.

Six volunteers will meet at the Old Junior School then set off for the Cemetery. One volunteer drives a car with all the gear. We prepare tea-lights in sand-bags, we put up the Gazebos, we stake out the arena for the fire-spinners. One volunteer will need to stay there to keep an eye on things, all others walk back to the Junior School.


Putting out Lanterns to be collected  6 - 7pm.

Two volunteers bring out the lanterns stored in the old building for people to collect. Members of the public must not go in without a volunteer. Children must not go in at all. These volunteers need to have been involved in the workshops. People with lanterns can either set off for Mount Pleasant Park, or they can wait in the Car Park and we’ll walk round together at 7pm.


Steward’s Briefing  6 - 6.45pm.

20 volunteer Stewards are needed to fulfil the Carnival’s insurance policy. We will meet at the Old Junior School in the hall for a briefing, to go through the risk assessment for the event, making sure everyone understands their role. (details below) Each steward will be paired with another for the parade. We’ll have some snacks and do some face-painting if needed. Many of the stewards will not have volunteered with us before so we’ll make sure they are welcomed.


Gathering at Mount Pleasant Park   7pm.

Stewards guide people into a formation: At the front is the Sheffield Samba Band, in the middle everyone with lanterns, then the Uni Samba Band to finish. Stewards will take up positions on all sides in pairs.

The Carnival starts!  7.30pm.

Three Lead Stewards stay at the front and agree with the police when to start. All stewards help to guide the Carnival through the streets, making sure the public do not obstruct the Samba bands or get ahead of the Carnival. Some Stewards will carry buckets to collect donations from the crowd.

Arriving at the Cemetery  8.30pm.

Stewards guide everyone safely into the Cemetery Park, large lanterns are placed around the edge. The fire-spinners start, the bands start. Some stewards may go home, that’s okay.

Tidying up at the End  10.30pm.

The bands stop and Stewards collect donations as people leave, putting unwanted lanterns in the skip. Six Stewards will be needed to stay to 11pm to take down gazebos, dismantle the fire-spinner’s arena and do a complete litter-pick. Extra special lanterns may be saved by taking them back to the Old Junior School.

The Afterparty  11.30pm.

Everyone is welcome to join us at the Cremorne for more dancing.

Double Check   The next day.

Two volunteers are needed to drop by the Cemetery the following day to double check it's tidy and do a final litter-pick. 


Now tell us what you'd like to do:  sharrowlanterns@gmail.com

If you can only spare a few hours, we can still use you.

Notes for all volunteers / stewards

The Old Junior School address is South View Rd, S7 1DB. 

Please don't drink alcohol while you are volunteering.

We will provide thin hi-vis vests, but you must come prepared for the cold and the rain. Gloves too, especially if you are staying late to tidy up the Cemetery.


The most vocal and friendly stewards can carry buckets to collect donations. All the money we collect will be used to buy materials and make the Carnival happen next year.


We will have a ‘lost children’ procedure.


Because the carnival is a large group of moving people, we need to be friendly but firm in guiding people where to go and where not to go in order to keep them safe.


If you have a torch, bring it. We will have some small ones.


We need 4 volunteers who have a first-aid qualification, let us know if you have one.


The police will be present and if there is an emergency they will call an ambulance.

Any questions please ask us: sharrowlanterns@gmail.com